About Me - Sarah K Smith Photography
  • Te Paki Stream
  • The Remarkables, Queenstown
  • Mangawhai Heads Beach at Sunrise


My early childhood experiences in the great outdoors of New Zealand fostered a deep appreciation of its unique and diverse environments. As I have travelled, the appreciation I have for the natural world has extended to the rest of the planet.

Based in Mangawhai Heads, New Zealand, I love to explore familiar and unfamiliar environments to photograph and record at different times of the day and year.

My images reflect the peacefulness and calm that I find in nature. I hope that my images encourage you to extract yourself from the busy world of technology; to stop, slow down and appreciate the environment, both for your own mental health and the health of this wonderful environment we are blessed to inhabit.

Enjoy the galleries and please contact me if you are interested in any images.


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