A Pristine Location - Sarah K Smith Photography

A Pristine Location - January 2016

Happy New Year! January's issue of Wilderness Magazinefeatures another one of my images taken from Lake Wilson in Mt Aspiring National Park of the Valley of the Trolls - as it's referred to by locals. A magic spot to say the least!

"For those looking for a special side trip off the Routeburn Track that offers a pristine environment and an uncrowded location a world away from the busy Great Walk, an overnight stay at Lake Wilson, passing through the Valley of the Trolls, comes highly recommended.

The Valley of the Trolls is reached from Harris Saddle by tracing around the western side of Lake Harris via a goat track. The valley is a fragile swampy area so you’ll need to be careful as you pick your way through the swampy tarns. At the head of the valley, the outlet of Lake Wilson descends as a waterfall down a deep gut in the wall.

A variety of unmarked routes provide access to Lake Wilson depending on your experience and the conditions. Whichever route you choose, navigation, route finding skills and a head fro heights are required. Gaining the headwall reveals Lake Wilson surrounded by a series of lesser unnamed peaks wtih Mt Erebus (1978m) to the north-east. Pitching a tent here makes fro a magical campsite. Rocks near the lake outlet provide a superb vantage point, offering unrivalled views over the Valley of the Trolls and Lake Harris to the Routeburn Track".

Additional Information

Access: Harris Saddle, Routeburn Track, Mt Aspiring National Park

Grade: Moderate Map: Hollyford CB09

Time: Lake Wilson return 8-10 hours return from Routeburn Shelter.

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