A-Z Challenge - Sarah K Smith Photography

A-Z Queenstown to Waimate - 15 May 2015

Craving a photography challenge to push me to think outside of landscape imagery I looked online for ideas and came across the A-Z challenge.  This challenge requires the photographer to capture 26 objects representing the 26 individual letters of the alphabet. I added the following restrictions to my challenge:

* I would only use my 70 -200mm lens.

* The images couldn't be landscapes (although I think I broke that rule at the letter Z but I was struggling at the end of the day to find a Z!), and

* All images had to be taken as I drove from Queenstown to Waimate on 15th May 2015.

In the gallery below are the 26 images I took that day in alphabetical order, although they were not photographed in alphabetical order. (That's another challenge!) Letters that proved to be difficult were Q, U, X and Z. Creativity and luck certainly played a part! I loved this challenge. 

Your challenge is to match the object and the letter ... not too hard really!

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