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The 52 Week Photography Challenge 2016-2017

Week One ... The Challenge Begins

The Dogwood 52 Week Photo Challenge is a shooting challenge encompassing portrait, landscape and artistic photography over 52 weeks that can be started at any time of the year. I'm starting it now, in April 2016!

This challenge appealed to me as I am very comfortable with landscape photography and enjoy artistic challenges that push my creativity (and I'm always up for more!). However, I am less comfortable with portraiture, so this is where I will be challenged most. Looking forward to seeing what I produce over the next 52 weeks. 

Bring on the challenge! 

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One Year On ... 52 Weeks Later

A year ago I embarked on this 52 week photography challenge and I have now finally completed the challenge.

One of my goals at the start was to challenge my fear of taking photos of people. While I completed all the portrait challenges only 2 were of people I didn’t know, 3 were of family, 5 of my partner and 8 were self-portraits! So, did I overcome my fear of approaching people to ask to take their photos? Probably not. But I did become very creative at meeting the portrait challenges by taking self portraits, asking those close to me or capturing the essence of a person by showing anything but a face. A different kind of portraiture one could say.

Artistically, I was challenged to photograph things I wouldn’t normally choose to. I ended up delving into the world of photoshop where I have rarely gone. I learnt heaps, had fun and satisfied the more creative side of my photography, seeing it more as a form of art.

From a landscape perspective I explored more of the details that can be found inside the landscape which are as equally stunning as the dramatic vistas that I love so much. I photographed predominantly during the day, when previously I have photographed the landscape in the magic hours, bringing a new perspective. For me landscape photography comes easier, it is where I am most comfortable, where I relax, enjoying the light and movement of the environment I am in; a meditation of sorts.

I am not sure what the next project or challenge will be. Whatever it is, it will surely be influenced by the skills I have gained and the experiences I have had in my photography over the last 52 weeks.

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